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We offer many services so please list your highest allowance available so we can provide various opportunities (i.e. more readers, set design, or guest goodies) to enhance your event.

To provide an accurate quote, please provide the start and end times for entertainment at your event.
Ex.: Q3 Sales Meeting, Alice's 50th Birthday Party, etc.
Ex.: Wedding, Tradeshow, Birthday Party, Staff Appreciation, etc.
Ex.: Wizard of Oz, Wear White, Mardis Gras, Movies, etc.
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Popular, high quality professional entertainers cost more, however you also get more, and entertainment can make or break your event. Hiring a psychic event entertainer depends on a number of variables:
  • Event location and type
  • Number of readers, guests and readings requested
  • Event options
  • Equipment rentals
  • Special requests
  • and other variables.


Event Options
Please help me choose the best way to deliver readings to guests and/or prospects.
Seated readings are a traditional way for psychics to read one-on-one with three to ten readings per hour.
  • Suitable for any number of guests
  • 5 to 20 minute readings (average 7 to 10 minute readings)
  • 5 to 10 readings an hour
Strolling readings are a fun, vibrant, and interactive way to deliver
readings to many guests.
  • Interactive
  • Suitable for 30+ guests
  • 2 to 10 minutes per person
  • 15-25 readings an hour
Stationary readings are an innovative way for psychics to read more guests, in a shorter period of time, while having a strong impact.
  • Groups of 3 to 5 guests gather around table, or get a one-on-one reading while standing. Shorter wait time in line-up.
  • Suitable for 60+ guests for larger events such as a
    trade show or company party
  • 3 to 6 minute readings per person
  • 10 to 20 readings an hour
Group readings are a great way for members of a team, family
and/or friends to find out more about each other and build a stronger bond.
  • Interactive
  • Suitable for from six to twelve guests per group; team members; family; etc
  • Fun and positive relationship building exercise
Speed readings are a great way to deliver a reading when there are a large number of guests to be read over a shorter period of time. Best for business, promotional, or larger sized functions
  • Very short insights and messages given, no questions answered
  • 1 to 5 minute readings
  • 12 to 50 readings an hour
  • Quick, enlightening messages.
Seance contacts passed over loved ones, spirits, or spirit guides
from beyond in a dark candlelit room.
  • Suitable for up to 12 participants per session
  • Not suitable for children and most teens
  • 30 to 45 minutes in length
  • Tarot, palm,and/or psychic readings
  • This is a traditional psychic reader set-up with one-on-one seated readings.
  • Great for small house parties.
Have a Tea Leaf reader at your special event. Classicaly trained and insightful.
  • Great addition to bridal and wedding events!
  • Retirement living and community centers
  • Themed tea party events
TarotSeek teaches you, the guest of honor, and guests how to read the Tarot in a fun environment with your friends and family. Smaller get together.
  • Learn how to read the Tarot for yourself and your guests in this one-of-a-kind service.
  • Easy to pick-up and anyone can do it. Interactive psychic experience.
  • A special party for teenagers and younger.
  • Great for birthday parties
Long distance allows connection through the Internet or over the phone
and everyone can share in the fun if using a webcam or speakerphone.
  • Suitable when your location is inaccessible and/or constrained by a budget
  • Meaningful, fun and positive insights from a distance about you and your guests